upcoming events:

feb.28, zürich/Switzerland:
krieg und frieden im stummfilm
mar.07, graz/Austria:
dieb13 solo
mar.08, berlin/Germany:
letratone festival
john butcher / dieb13 / gino robair:
the open secret

rastascan mar. 2018

1. The Lobbard Change Hisstops 05:24
2. Dart On Discourse 06:16
3. Olecassandrum 12:00
4. Tinflappant 09:53
5. Spoon Wink 05:25
6. Last Morning of the Dream 04:03
7. Giant Skull Gasp 08:22
8. Pearlagraph, The Pearlagraph 08:36

released March 15, 2018

John Butcher—saxophones and feedback
dieb13—turntables, computer
Gino Robair—energized surfaces, prepared piano, Blippoo Box

Recorded November 29, 2014 at RAK Studios, London, UK
Recording Engineer: Wes Maebe
Mix/mastering: John Butcher
Producer: Gino Robair
Cover photo: "Daughter of the Circus" by Michael Garlington
Design: Tania Kac/Designarchy