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jan.17, wien/Austria:
arts birthday 2019
jan.17, wien/Austria:
m!r!m + muscle tomcat machine
jan.18, linz/Austria:
radian + muscle tomcat machine
wed. jan. 23 2019

wow signal/ steel girls / programmverdichter/julian rubisch
– steel girls
angélica castelló, tobias leibetseder and astrid schwarz started playing together 15 years after their first encounter at an electronic music festival where all of them performed in different ensembles. they have performed since then in different settings, always trying out new metal surroundings and working on creating their own metal instruments. steel girls nd beauty in metal found on scrapyards or at the tinner, rephrasing the meaning, revealing a new musical context.

link: http://www.steelgirls.net/ , https://www.julianrubisch.at/ , https://www.wowsignal.at